Legal and General

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Our Client

Legal & General is a leading provider of risk, savings and investment management products in the UK. Established in 1836, they are responsible for investing £388 billion worldwide (2012). Watermiser had won the tender to supply their original cooling towers at their Surrey base 25 years ago.

Project Details

Watermiser was appointed to replace Legal & General’s four existing cooling towers with modern equivalents which would fit perfectly into the roof enclosure. The job involved designing, manufacturing and installing four low noise, low height GRP cooling towers, complete with new pumps, RTDs and acoustic panels.

At the request of Legal and General, Watermiser in conjunction with the principal contractors Mace and Dornan air lifted the new cooling towers and various other ancillary equipment on to the main building roof via helicopter.

You can find an uploaded copy of the helicopter lift using the following link: