Tata Steel

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Our Client

Tata Steel is one of the world’s most geographically diversified steel producers, with bases in over 50 countries. Tata Steel Europe, formerly Corus Group, is the second largest steelmaker in Europe. Over the years Watermiser has won various contracts for Corus and continues to regularly supply servicing and spares to Tata.

Project Details

Watermiser contributed to the 2012 multi-million pound improvement scheme at the plate surface treatment plant at Clydebridge, Glasgow. Alongside the servicing of existing cooling cells previously installed by Watermiser, an additional cooling circuit was installed during a tight shutdown period.
The cooling circuit, which is critical to maintaining quench water temperatures and therefore directly affecting production, was completed on time and in budget. The circuit was jointly designed and consisted of pumps, cooling cells, valves, pipework, platforms and instrumentation which had to be tied into an existing cooling system.