Whyte and Mackay

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Founded on docks of the River Clyde in Glasgow in 1844. Whyte & Mackay has retained its founders’ pioneering spirit for over 170 years.

Proud of it’s heritage, passionate about it’s history, its people and most of all it’s award winning Whisky.

The company sells single malt and blended scotch whiskies, liqueurs and vodkas. Their brands include the Whyte and Mackay blends; Dalmore Jura, Fettercairn single malts; Glayva; and Vladivar Vodka.


Watermiser were commissioned to design, manufacture and install a new GRP cooling tower complete with fan silencers and high level access platform, to replace the aging structural timber tower at the Invergordon Grain Distillery site.

Having previously installed galvanised and painted cooling towers, the engineers onsite had seen at first hand the problems that occur when using materials not suitable for the aggressive nature of cooling tower water treatment chemicals, and therefore liked the idea of using a GRP cooling tower that would be completely inert to any type of water treatment chemical they choose to use.

A site visit to the nearby Glenmorangie Distillery to see the existing Watermiser GRP cooling towers operate, convinced the engineering team at Whyte & MacKay that the Watermiser GRP cooling towers being offered were the best cooling towers for the job.