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At our anniversary event in November, we selected two charities to support over the coming year. The charities were SADSA (South Ayrshire Dementia Support Association) and the Rachel McColl fund, a local charity supporting children with cancer and their families.

SADSA played an important role for the Somerville family – they provide a friendly and well-supported day care for dementia sufferers and even have a small mini-bus to help with transport from home and back. It’s a service that so many carers depend on and is a charity which is often overlooked.

The sum raised for SADSA and the Rachel McColl fund was accumulated from our the raffle held at our anniversary event, together with our Christmas Jumper Day and ‘end of year’ suppliers raffle. Over the Christmas Break, shareholder Marie Somerville presented a cheque to Liz Campbell, SADSA Manager, for £405. A cheque for the same amount was donated to the Rachel McColl fund.

We are really proud of our generous staff for helping to raise such a fantastic amount for each charity, and are delighted to be supporting such worthy causes.