Cooling Solutions

Cooling Towers

Watermiser GRP cooling towers have been designed and developed over the past 40 years, based on our original vision to produce robust, reliable, long-lifetime units which would ensure the best value for money solutions for our customers. Our quest to design the most reliable, maintenance friendly cooling towers led us to begin the manufacture of cooling towers in glass reinforced plastic (GRP), a completely non-corroding material, inert to attack by aggressive water treatment chemicals.

Using the latest techniques in design and manufacture, together with a unique method of GRP casing production to ensure high and consistent quality, Watermiser has become the leading forced draught GRP cooling tower manufacturer in the UK. Our confidence in our GRP tower casings is backed up with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE for structural integrity.

Our towers can be installed in parallel to form multi-cell units, with no limit to size or thermal performance, while centrifugal fans or a choice of silencers can be fitted for low noise applications. Individual designs are also available to suit our customers' specific needs.View Case Studies


Cooling Systems

We provide a design and installation service for complete water cooling systems, including pipework, valves, pumps, heat exchangers and filtration equipment. We also specialise in cooling tower replacements, efficiently project managing the entire operation, from disconnecting, dismantling and safely removing the existing unit, to supplying and installing the new one. All of this is carried out in tight timescales, to ensure minimum disruption to our client.View Case Studies


Closed circuit cooling

Having developed the use of Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) in cooling towers, we manufacture a wide range of closed circuit cooling towers which incorporate copper cooling coils - these provide added value through a completely non-corroding package. We also offer a package comprising of an open evaporative cooling tower with a matched plate heat exchanger. The additional benefits of this include easier maintenance and cleaning, and the option of adding plates for uprating. The heat exchanger can also be positioned remote from the cooling tower if required.View Case Studies


Dry Air Coolers

Our dry air coolers are used in a diverse range of applications, including cooling water or glycol for water cooled chillers, CHP engine cooling, furnace equipment and injection moulding machines, facilitating the efficient operation of these types of equipment. Capable of cooling to within 3°C of design dry bulb temperatures, a wetted surface version of the dry air cooler is also available, cooling to within 6°C of the design wet bulb temperature. View Case Studies


Service Contracts/Refurb

Our cooling tower service engineers have over 30 years experience in the cooling tower manufacture and service industry, allowing us to offer service contracts which are tailor-made to suit our client's site requirements. Service contracts can range from a one-off annual cooling tower inspection, to monthly inspections, complete with quarterly full internal removal and cleans. To keep disruption to a minimum, these can be arranged to coincide with planned shutdown periods and with water treatment contractors works if required.

With a high level of knowledge and expertise, we also carry out cooling tower refurbishments on all shapes, sizes, makes and models of cooling tower. This includes small emergency repairs; annual refurbishment or replacement of internals to ensure the most efficient cooling possible; and complete cooling tower overhaul, often upgrading an old tower to fully comply with current legislation.View Case Studies