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Both Watermiser and Dustacco are proud supporters of ‘Primary Engineers’, an East Ayrshire initiative, which links engineers with local primary schools to help engage pupils’ interest in engineering. The project calls for engineers to link with a primary school in the local community and support the teacher with a specific engineering-based task, namely to build a model car.

We are pleased to support this worthwhile community initiative. Alex Jamieson and David McGrath of Watermiser and also Johnny Gray of Dustacco are participating and took part in the kick-off event recently.

The following article appeared in the local press and explains what the initiative is all about…

“East Ayrshire Primary teachers rolled up their sleeves and got stuck into engineering at Onthank Primary. In a scene reminiscent of what they do with their own pupils, 160 Primary 3/4 and 6/7 staff spent a day getting back to basics, making simple projects which they can use to teach the joys and practicalities of engineering.

The group made one toy car from a shoe box and another, incorporating simple electronics, from wood. They worked with qualified engineers who have signed up to help the schools as part of the Primary Engineer programme which has been adopted in East Ayrshire Schools this year. Run by the Institution of Primary Engineers the scheme delivers practical STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) education through activities aimed at encouraging pupils to become aware of and benefit from the opportunities offered by bringing engineering into the heart of schools, promoting a greater understanding of engineering in the world today and to help prepare the engineers of future generations.

Councillor Eoghann MacColl, East Ayrshire Council’s Spokesperson for Promoting Lifelong Learning said: “The Primary Engineer workshop was a great success – working with engineers to learn how to create and deliver the projects was a fun and stimulating experience for all involved. Through STEM education teachers are able to help pupils acquire skills in teamwork, design, measuring and calculation which boosts confidence and gives them a greater understanding of the world about them. Of course the aim is to interest pupils in making future careers in science and engineering, but what they learn through participating in these projects is bound to help them throughout life whatever their eventual choice of career.””