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Our Client

Vallourec Mannesmann Oil & Gas UK Ltd is the largest UK based manufacturer and supplier of Oilfield Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) to the North Sea oil and gas industry. With its commercial headquarters in Aberdeen, Watermiser supplied cooling towers to Vallourec’s Bellshill plant in 1975 and more recently completed a substantial programme of works.

Project Details

The large structural steel and timber cooling towers onsite at Bellshill were originally fitted with timber slats at the air intake areas. Overtime these had become damaged, allowing direct sunlight into the tower basetank, meaning the towers did not comply with the Health & Safety Commission’s Guidelines L8. Vallourec appointed Watermiser to supply and install new air inlet elements to the towers, including housing. The new PVC air inlet louvers we installed ensured direct sunlight entering the basetank was greatly reduced, while also significantly reducing the effects of windage and the amount of water spray which could escape through the sides of the tower.