Commercial Properties

We have demonstrated for many years our capability to provide water cooling solutions, pipework & access metalwork design and installation in some of the most challenging city centre locations. We also offer a complete peace of mind, efficient and competitive servicing or tower refurbishment service to our clients. View Case Studies


We are a specialist contractor and installer for energy companies, including steam and CHP. Providing cooling tower design, manufacture and installation, we also offer the mechanical installation of process and service pipework and ductwork, as well as manufacturing skid mounted packaged units. With a proven track record on site, sound understanding of the working environment and the combination of efficient project managers and highly skilled welders, we deliver cost efficient solutions to this sector on time and within budget. View Case Studies

Food & Drink

We design, manufacture and install process pipework, cooling towers and fabrications within the UK food and drink industry. Fully meeting our clients' priorities of quality workmanship, cleanliness and safety at work, we combine experienced project managers with highly skilled welders to deliver our cost effective solutions on time and within budget. View Case Studies


We design, manufacture and install water cooling solutions and process systems, including hi-purity pipework, dual contained pipework, orbital welding, de-ionised water, PVC, polypropylene and ABS pipework. We also produce exhaust systems such as vacuum pumps. Meeting the required protocols within the semi-conductor industry, we work to programme to minimise impact on production. We also offer QA packages with full traceability. View Case Studies

Petro Chemical

We design, manufacture and install process and petrochemical pipework for fuel and aviation fuel. We also provide maintenance and service for loading equipment, including pumps, cooling towers and filters. With the ability to work to programme, together with our knowledge of both British and US standards, we consistently meet our clients' priorities of fulfilling Health & Safety requirements, cost effectiveness and on-time delivery. View Case Studies


We design, manufacture and install process systems, including hi-purity pipework, cooling water systems, dual contained pipework and orbital welding. As 5S Champions and following stringent procedures for supply chain management to ensure traceability and conformity, our clients also benefit from the speed of our response and our ability to maintain programme without impacting on production. View Case Studies


We design, manufacture and install cooling towers for many high profile shopping centres across the UK. We also offer an efficient and competitive servicing programme and tower refurbishment service to our clients.

Sports Centres

We design and manufacture cooling equipment for numerous leisure centres across the UK, including ice rink plant equipment cooling and temperature sensitive air conditioning cooling. We also carry out the mechanical part of the project, including installation, pipework, access steelwork and commissioning.

Steel works/Foundries

We provide design and installation of cooling towers, gas systems, pressure testing, general pipework, fabrication and installation to steel companies across the UK. Meeting our clients' key priorities of Health & Safety, quality workmanship and cost effectiveness, we also offer efficient project management and a high degree of flexibility to deliver on time and within budget. View Case Studies


We have over 30 years experience in providing a wide range of services to the airport, rail, road and shipbuilding industries. Our projects include underground train station ventilation, complete cooling tower system design, installation and servicing and airfield fuel pipeline modification and installations. View Case Studies

Waste/Water Treatment

We design, manufacture and install pipework, mechanical and cooling solutions for water companies across Scotland and the north of England. Combining efficient project planning with the highest level of quality workmanship, we deliver on time, within budget and in compliance with full Health & Safety requirements. View Case Studies